Mom and my recipe binder

So several years ago for Christmas my mom gave me a binder full of photocopies of all of the recipes she’d made over the years. I love it, but to be frank it’s a pain to pull out of the pantry since it’s overflowing and full of un-categorized recipes that I’ve printed off recipe blogs and sites over the years.

So here I am, creating a blog (true story: I’m old enough that when I googled for a free blog site, I searched for Blogspot, which is no longer a thing) to keep my most made and requested recipes (requested is likely a strong word; one-person-asked-me-for-the-recipe-at-a-potluck-once would be a better descriptor). Mostly I want to have access t some of my recipes without hauling out my giant, over-stuffed recipe binder.

So here we are.